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The Emerald

Giữ Tâm Sáng Tựa Ngọc, Trên Miền Vô Ưu Sống


The Emerald

The Emerald project is pioneer in the application of health care standards to natural landscape design, make Urban Street Forest green space that is the first resident health care product line in the world. Urban Street Forest makes a green urban area that is good for health.  If compare the market price at 34 to 35 million dong per sq. m. and backward designed flats that combined trading and residence, current prices of The Emerald  are lower than others up to 10% and flats have very modern designs, matched new trends and create a high quality residential area.


  • Project name: Commercial High-rise Building The Emerald.
  • Located: CT8, New Urban My Dinh – Me Tri, My Dinh 1, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi City.
  • Investor: My Dinh Real Estate Joint Stock Company.
  • Distribute by: Vimefulland Group.
  • Site area: 19,099 square metres
  • Construction density: 34.7 %.
  • Total floors: 30 floors and 03 basements.
  • 03 basements: garage for resident
  • First and second floors: for public services as kindergarten, stores and others.
  • 3rd – 30th Floors: Flats
  • Amount of flats: 1344 high-grade modern luxurious flats.
  • Area: 77 – 142 square metres for each 2 to 4 bedroom flats
  • Planned hand-over time: January 2019

Perfect facilities deserve to resident

Derived from the desire to serve diverse demands on health care, exchange, relax for many generation of resident, The Emerald will be integrated fully a perfect facility chain.  Owing to the special location where is in quiet space of The Manor, The Emerald has a noiseless private comfortable space in a dynamic city. Coming home means coming a carefree place under beneath of trees of Urban Street Forest, discards daily worries, enjoy blithe life.

Occupy “prime location” in entrance on West of Capital

Ideal Residence

Every flat is focus on increasing common areas: kitchen and living room are connected together, enable to bind kitchen and multipurpose rooms to be a chain of large and convenient “co-living” space.

  • 3 basements: garage for resident
  • Floor 1st: public service such as kindergarten, shop and others.
  • Floor 2nd: public service such as kindergarten, stores and building technology space.
  • Floor 3rd – 30th: flats
  • Design from 2 to 4 bedrooms

A highlight is the flats all have facade average length about 10.7 to 11.6 metres, with some large flats, it from 16 to 20 metres. It is 1.5 times longer than usual. Therefore, rooms all are ventilated naturally, direct wind and sunshine into each room, area of illumination is maximum.


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